Four Post Boat Lifts (4k-20k lbs)

Enjoy the speed and convenience of our FlexPower® dual-cylinder Hydraulic lift with this pile mount application.

  • Available in 4,000 to 20,000 lb. capacity vertical lifts
  • Single push-button remote for hassle free lift operation
  • Standard Safe & Reliable FlexPower® Hydraulic design. Mounts on 4 piles
  • Level-Lifting – automatically levels with patented tandem pump system
  • Bunk System - Corrosion free poly/aluminum bunks that conform to hull to support boat
  • Awarded the 2014 NMMA Innovation of the Year Award

Advantages to Pile Mounted lifts  

  • Boats are kept out of the water, minimizing routine vessel cleaning for customers
  • Eliminates sinking risks that can occur with in water mooring
  • Boats can be stored on pile mounted lifts year round, eliminating the need for winter storage
  • Low profile boat lifts will not obstruct lake view
  • Hydraulics are high and dry and concealed in a lift tube, preventing under water corrosions
  • Pile mounted lifts are stable and durable, withstanding wind and wave action, and boat impact
  • Pile mounted boat lifts can be installed in various water depths

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