Benefits of a Pile Mounted Boat Lift

March 31, 2016


Advantages to Pile Mounted lifts  

  • Pile mounted lifts keep boats out of the water, minimizing routine vessel cleaning for customers.
  • Eliminates sinking risks that can occur with in water mooring.
  • Boats can be stored on pile mounted lifts year round, eliminating the need for winter storage.
  • Low profile boat lifts will not obstruct lake & dock view 
  • Hydraulic cylinders & pumps are stored in a dry environment above water in  a concealed lift tube.
  •  Pile mounted lifts retract to lift. Therefore, hydraulics are sealed when in 'up' position.
  • Pile mounted lifts are stable and durable, withstanding wind and wave action, and boat impact. 
  • No water depth requirement for installation.
  • Only require a section 9 application for install. (45 days to process)

Pile mounted boat lift installations only require a section 9 application to ‘work in and around’ the water. A section 9 application only takes 45 days to process.

Freestanding boat lift installations (lifts that rest on lake bottom) require a ‘Specific Permission’ dock license and ‘Section 9’ application. Therefore, the process to obtain a free-standing boat lift is quite extensive and can take up to 140 days to process.


Comparison Chart 

Pile Mounted Lift

Free-Standing Boat Lift 

Hydraulic cylinder’s & pumps stored above water in concealed tube.

Hydraulics located underwater in corrosive environment.

Retract to lift. Hydraulics are sealed and protected in ‘up’ position.

Extend to lift. Exposed under water when in ‘up’ position

Vertical lifting principle. More efficient lifting method.

Cantilever lifting principle. Operation utilizes more space

Pile mounted for superior stability, can withstand all wind and wave action.

Boat lift sits on lake bottom, less stability

No water depth requirements.

More stringent installation requirements

Only require ' Section 9' for install

(45 days to process)

Require 'Specific Permission' and 'Section 9' for install.

(140 days to process)



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