TroubleShoot Basics


Boatlift manuals for 4 post boat lifts:

IMM Quality Super Lift

IMM Quality Platinum Boat Lift

Shorestation Hydr. Boat Lift


Shoreline single mast 3T boat lift


1. Lift wont go up or down?
- Check power supply
- Wish-bone frame is on service chain
- Excess chain may have come out of collector and jammed safety device
- Cracked or broken pendant

2. Hoist hums, but wont move?
- Insufficient power supply, not enough volts or wire size may be too small.
- Clutch/brake is broken or slipping. (Kito hoist)
- Broken internal gears (Kito hoist)

3. Boat on lift, but wont go up or down?
- See all above
- Boat not balanced properly on frame

4. No boat on lift, wont go down?
- Check power supply
- Wish-bone on service chain
- Excess chain may be out of collector
- Sheaves need replacing

5. If chain falls from collector?
- Reinstall falledn chain by placing the 'end' with stopper, into the box first. Hand feed untill all excess chain is back in place. This chain may, or should be lightly oiled. Goves are a good idea.

** Note: please do not use the service chain. This device is intended for service use only.


If issue still occurs please call our office and schedule a site visit today 250-769-7694




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