Boat Lift Service

Shoreline Pile Driving is pleased to offer an annual boat lift maintenance & service program. Our highly qualified boat lift technicians will perform an annual site visit to complete a general service on your boat lift or personal water craft lift. This program is designed to extend the longevity of your boat lifts, and to ensure your lift is hassle free during the busy summer months!

The boat lift technicians will analyze your boat lift and complete a general service. In return, the client will receive a detailed report on the completed service and a brief summary on any issues that may need your attention. 

Please call our office for more details or send an email to [email protected]


Shoreline Lift Maintenance Packages

Hydraulic 4-post lifts $379

  • Inspect lift operation
  • Check hydraulic fluid condition, levels & top up with our Marinus Bio40
  • Inspect piles and mounting hardware
  • Check bunk mounts and tighten bolts
  • Inspect hydraulic lines, connection & fittings.
  • Test battery & clean battery terminals (if applicable)
  • Inspect control box- fuse & wiring
  • Check limit switch functions
  • Grease & lubricate where necessary
  • Analyze pulleys, cables & sheaves

Single Mast Boat Lift (2T/3T) $249

  • Inspect lift operation
  • Check electrical pendant and swing arm
  • Inspect piles and mounting hardware
  • Inspect nylon sheaves and mast
  • Check chain, chain collector and grease if needed
  • Check hoist alignment
  • Check cotter pin, tabs, pulley & spring block
  • Inspect welds
  • Inspect risers, bunks & side guides



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