Boat Lifts

Shoreline Pile Driving sells the largest variety of boat lifts on Okanagan Lake! 

1. SUPPLY- We have the largest inventory of boat lifts in Kelowna, BC. 

2. INSTALL - We provide installation services on Okanagan Lake. 

3. SERVICE - With over 35 years of experience , shoreline pile driving is the leading boatlift service provider. 


Advantages to Pile Mounted lifts:

  • Pile mounted lifts keep boats out of the water, minimizing routine vessel cleaning for customers.
  • Eliminates sinking risks that can occur with in water mooring.
  • Boats can be stored on pile mounted lifts year round, eliminating the need for winter storage.
  • Low profile boat lifts will not obstruct lake & dock view
  • Hydraulic cyclinders & pumps are stored in a dry environment above water in  a concealed lift tube.
  • Pile mounted lifts retract to lift. Hydraulics are sealed when in 'up' position.
  • Pile mounted lifts are stable and durable, withstanding wind and wave action, and boat impact.

All boat lifts include 2 year limited warranty - call our office for more information

Four Post Boat Lifts (8,000lbs - 66,000lbs )

Shoreline Pile Driving has the largest boatlift inventory in the Okanagan!! We can lift any size or style boat up to 66,000 lbs. Give our office a call today for more information!! 

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Single Mast Boat Lifts (6,500lb max)

Designed by Shoreline Pile Driving & manufactured in Kelowna, BC. The simple design ensures easy operation with minimal maintenance.  Our innovative design will accommodate any style of boat or pontoon hull.

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Personal Watercraft Lifts

Designed by Shoreline Pile Driving & locally manufactured in Kelowna, BC! 

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Boat Lift Parts

We sell more than just docks!! Shoreline Pile Driving is the largest & most reliable boatlift service provider in the Okanagan - We sell, we stock & we supply all your boat lift needs! 

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