Ladders & Cleats

Tie Up Cleats

Shoreline Pile Driving offers a variety of marine-grade tie-up cleats. These cleats are made from high-quality materials, resulting in a reliable, durable, and long lasting addition to any dock. All cleats can be powder coated to match existing dock accessories, or custom ordered. 
Cleats we offer include:
  • 10" Standard tie-up cleat
  • 6" Flip-up cleat
  • 8" Flip-up cleat


Dock Ladders

Shoreline Pile Driving offers a wide selection of swim ladders for easy accessibility. All ladders are made from high-quality aluminum to ensure maximum structural durability and strength. 
Dock Ladders we carry include:
  • 5 Step (flat) aluminum swim ladder
  • 7 Step (flat) aluminum swim ladder
  • Option: recessed or non-recessed swim ladder

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