Work Windows

Timing windows on Okanagan Lake provide general guidelines for minimizing the risk of impact to a species or group of species that may be affected by your works. Working windows vary on project location & proximity of spawning creeks. There are NO working restrictions If located beyond 0.5 km of spawning creek and exclusively mud/silts...
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Don't forget the permit!

Heads up! All our job sites have been visited by Natural Resource Officers this past week. Front Counter BC has hired additional support staff to monitor the foreshores of Okanagan Lake to ensure all companies are following the recent guidelines and design criteria. When constructing a new dock structure or replacing piles, please ensure...
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Do Not Remove Dock Weights Yet

Attention ALL dock owners: We have been contacted by numerous clients asking if its okay to remove weight off your dock structures. We HIGHLY recommend to keep weight on your dock until the water is approximately 6"-8" below fascia boards (2 weeks) . Your dock structure is currently at higher risk than it was a few weeks ago, due...
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Benefits of a Pile Mounted Boat Lift

  Advantages to Pile Mounted lifts   Pile mounted lifts keep boats out of the water, minimizing routine vessel cleaning for customers. Eliminates sinking risks that can occur with in water mooring. Boats can be stored on pile mounted lifts year round, eliminating the need for winter storage. Low profile boat lifts...
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Manteo Project 2014

Manteo project is well into its first phase of construction. The picture above illustrates the delievery of the steel pipe, which was pile driven into the lake beds months ago. Shoreline Pile Driving is doing its very best to complete this project by early fall 2014. If there are any questions regarding this project please...
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Kelowna Yacht Club Boat Show

This past weekend Shoreline Pile Driving participated in the 21st annual Kelowna Yacht Club boat show in Kelowna, BC. We were very pleased to introduce the award winning ShoreStation Hydraulic Pile Mounted Lift into Canada! We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Kelowna Yacht Club for hosting another successful Boat Show! Features...
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Kelowna Yacht Club Muster Station

Shoreline has finished construction of a sheet pile wall for the new access area for the Kelowna Yacht Club. 
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Downtown Marina Progress Report

Shoreline Pile Driving will begin driving more piles at the Downtown Marina later this week, as project completion is planned for mid July.
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